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COFFEL AIRE INDUSTRIES, INC. was established in 1989, as a Mechanical and Electrical (ME/EE) Contractor with a philosophy of value creation and community contribution through our business.

COFFEL AIRE INDUSTRIES, INC. is committed to the engineering, design, supply, and installation of reasonably priced HVAC systems to a broad range of requirements – including but not limited to industrial-strength mechanical, electrical, ventilating, air-conditioning, air-cooled, and water-cooled chillers, and air-handling units for office, commercial, industrial, and power plant buildings.


Today, COFFEL AIRE INDUSTRIES, INC. provides effective and energy-efficient ventilation, air-conditioning, commercial, industrial, close control for the fast-paced telecom, computer, and data application industries and thus plays an integral part in nation-building. Utmost service and product quality combined with quick implementation and cost-effectiveness applicable to a wide variety of projects is our mantra and the key to our success.

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